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Cavegreen is the artistic collaboration of Eleanor Murray and GianLuca Bucci, that blends electronic and acoustic music, poetry, and images.  

Eleanor has been a musician, songwriter, and performer for the last ten years; GianLuca comes from a background of environmental work, photography, and years of study in the ancient and modern philosophical traditions of the earth.  Their collaboration explores the modalities of our connectivity with nature, the earth, each other and with the cosmos at large. It draws inspiration from all forms of life and their mysteries, and aims to celebrate our home planet guided by a sense of appreciation for her hosting care.

It is for this reason that we speak our first words in gratitude, thankful for all that makes this project possible.

Earth is the first track from Cavegreen's debut EP 'Journey of Return.'   © cavegreen 2015


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journey of return ep

by Cavegreen

Album released March 30, 2015.


© cavegreen 2015

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